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Since operations began in 1974, the Wichita Falls plant team has been dedicated to quality float glass and coating operations, and have produced glass for some of the most iconic buildings.

At the heart of the Wichita Falls plant are two float glass lines, one of which is oxy-fuel based. The oxy-fuel-based line provides significantly improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Both lines utilize automatic, camera-based inspection systems that help to ensure product quality and consistency.

The plant currently operates one coating line. In 2018, Vitro began producing oversized glass with Coater7, North America’s largest magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) glass coater. With Coater7, Vitro’s high-performing, energy-efficient low-emissivity (low-e) glasses are now available in oversized standard sizes of 130-by-214 inches, as well as our Titan glass products that allow for sizes up to 130-by-240 inches.

Vitro Glass and the city of Wichita Falls were recognized for a $1.9 million project that diverts treated non-potable wastewater from the city’s Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant to seven glass-cooling towers operated by Vitro Glass, which has reduced potable water consumption at the facility by more than 50 million gallons per year. The project, which was implemented during extreme drought conditions in 2014 and 2015, included construction of a 1-million-gallon reservoir to store non-potable water on-site, as well as the rerouting of rinse water for a glass coater and washer.


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Explore The Falls

Our city is filled to the brim with entrepreneurs, families of all ages, young professionals, college students, military families, airmen in training, and artists! We invite you to take a stroll to the Falls, walk the historic downtown to see the renowned World's Littlest Skyscraper and dine on local cuisine. We know you'll fall in love with Wichita Falls.

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